Never use emails to organise meetings again

Hermes is a multi-platform application that reduces the time spent in planning meetings and boosts your team’s productivity.

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Organise meetings in no time

It only takes a couple of minutes to set up a meeting with Hermes, whether you’re organising your final product showcase with dozens of people, or a quick one-on-one chat with a team member.

Our time finder compares all guests calendars, then finds available times where everyone is free, additionally proposing you suitable meeting rooms if needed.

Manage your meeting rooms

If your company uses meeting rooms, you can manage them through Hermes and know in real-time which one is available. Each room has it’s own colour, capacity and amenities.

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Connect your team with the rest of the world

Hermes is designed as a team-based solution, allowing you to invite external guests to any of your meetings using just their email address. They will get notified and be able to add the meetings to their calendar.

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