Meeting planning, without the hassle

Organise, manage and optimise meetings, sync all your calendars together and stay connected with the people you work with.

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Hermes is your central place for meeting and meeting rooms management
Clean and simple calendar interface


Organise meetings with members of your team and/or external guests.

Follow up

Track guests' attendance and receive updates on meeting changes in real time.

Clean and simple calendar interface


Expand your workspace as your team grows. Hermes manages meeting rooms out-of-the-box.


Find and reserve rooms based on your needs and availabilities, in real-time.

Plan smarter and faster

Marc and Eva are not available at 10:00.


Our time finder quickly finds a time that works for all your guests and yourself.

All you need in one platform

No more juggling between several apps. Hermes is the only service you will ever need to schedule meetings within and outside your team.


Useful integrations

Connect with the tools you already use and that make your life easier.


Flowless experience

Invite external guests using just their e-mail address. They will get notified and see the meeting on their calendar.


Clever notifications

Get notified when a meeting is about to start or has been updated, so you always stay in the loop.

Simple and affordable pricing



  • - Unlimited users
  • - Unlimited meetings
  • - Up to 5 meeting rooms (unlimited during beta)
  • - Time finder
  • - Integration with Google Calendar
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